Ham Ninh fishing village

If you want to see the most beautiful dawn and eat the freshest seafood in Phu Quoc, you should go to Ham Ninh fishing village which is an ancient fishing village. In Ham Ninh, you will have a chance to enjoy the spectacular dawn scenery in the morning. 

From the center of Duong Dong Town, less than 20km to the northeast, you will come to Ham Ninh Commune which is famous for Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Bai Vong Port, and beautiful and peaceful beaches. In the past, fishermen came here and founded this fishing village. Ham Ninh is a quiet and safe berth for boats when fishing in Duong Dong sea area. Boats from the mainland often dock here to transport goods and deliver seafood. Ham Ninh sea area is still shallow. When low tides, they make vast sandy beaches running to the headlines, while high tides, floods come to the edge of the forest. The first impression when coming here is admiring Ham Ninh Mountain of about 300m. Stone by stone creates a harmonic scene between majestic mountains and vast blue sky and sea of Phu Quoc.


No one knows this village existed for how long, just know that, when the island was deserted, some residents from other places came here to exploit seafood, and set up the village. Coming to Ham Ninh Fishing Village, you can see the wild life with thatched bamboo leaves houses.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is located on the eastern coast of Phu Quoc Island, behind mountains and facing immense sea. Standing on the beach of Ham Ninh, looking far away, you can see Pirate Island, Nghe Islet in the southeast shimmering in blue seawater, and Ong Doi Headland in the south - the last headland of this island. Ham Ninh Fishing Village is an attraction in Phu Quoc. Its existence associated with the pearl island is an inseparable part. The formation of Ham Ninh Fishing Village is not thoroughly known. It is clear that the fishing village is hundreds of years old. There is no exact information about how the fishing village was formed, but the shift in administrative management. Time passes; no one asks too many questions about it.


Ham Ninh Fishing Village leaves the best impression about its famous landscape and casual people with bright vivid sunrise, and romantic picturesque sunset. Located in the east of the Phu Quoc Island, Ham Ninh Fishing Village has sufficient scenery with high mountains, lush green jungles, and wide blue sea. In addition to beautiful landscapes, the Phu Quoc attraction is also known as a traditional village with the hereditary custom of fishing remaining unchanged over years, so Ham Ninh does not lack fresh seafood all year round, especially crab. Not only famous for landscapes and people, Ham Ninh Fishing Village is also seen as one of abundant sources providing cheap seafood in Phu Quoc, especially fresh crab. Almost tourists are eager to enjoy once visiting this island. Time passes, but scenery Ham Ninh Fishing Village is intact, and local life here does not seem to change much. When surrounding areas become crowded by the influence of modern life, the fishing village is still rustic simple in the harmony with nature itself.


Coming to Ham Ninh is one of top things to do in Phu Quoc, you will be nostalgic person returning to your old village. You will be immersed in the lives of fishermen whose jobs is diving for pearls, sea cucumbers, and catching fish. Ham Ninh today is well known for Bai Vong Port, beautiful beaches, and rustic and attractive Ham Ninh Fishing Village. Dropping by Ham Ninh in the early morning or at night, the beauty of village is wordless to say. Here, tourists will enjoy scenes of the Moon floating on the sea surface. Your holiday in Phu Quoc will not be complete if you have not tasted boiled crabs. Crab is the specialty of this region; you can enjoy this fresh and delicious seafood at any time during a year. Once visiting this village, do not forget to buy some crabs in Ham Ninh and enjoy while watching the beautiful sea with brilliant sunshine.

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