Soak in the hot springs of Binh Chau

Binh Chau hot springs is an attractive destination in Vung Tau and famous for not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourist. Traveling to Binh Chau, you have a chance to soak in the hot springs to refresh yourself and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. 

There are 70 visible thermal springs in the area forming a huge hot pot with valuable water and sedimentary mud and Binh Chau hot springs have even earned world recognition as one of 65 potential areas for sustainable eco-tourism development among 47 countries worldwide.


Legend describes the thermal springs as a hot water pot that the Vietnamese “Goddess of Boiling Water” spilled into the place out of anger, a story that stretches past beyond the footsteps created by visitors.

One can enjoy a hot water bath at 37 degrees Celsius in a swimming pool, a hot mud bath, a foot bath at the natural hot spring area, or a swim at a white sand beach.


You can pamper yourself with a heavenly massage after a hot bath and when you get hungry there’s that 82 degrees Celsius egg-boiling natural well … within 15 minutes you can have well-done boiled eggs. However if you prefer, there are also restaurants at the resort.

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