The top restaurants in Can Tho

It is not difficult to find a restaurant to try the food in Can Tho. There is a list of some famous restaurants that you can come and enjoy the food. 

1. Phuong Nam Restaurant

Next door to the Mekong, this place offers a similar ambience, but has the slight advantage of an upstairs terrace for people-watching.

Address: 48 Hai Ba Trung Street

Phone: 071 381 2077

Hours: breakfast, lunch & dinner

2. Restaurant Alley

If you fancy skipping the main tourist scene on the riverfront, then try this small alley between Dien Bien Phu Street and Phan Dinh Phung Street where there are about a dozen local restaurants scattered on both sides of the street. Barbecued meats, seafood hotpots and simple vegetables, it’s all here.

Address: Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Town Centre

3. Cappuccino

This Italian restaurant may not look that stylish but looks can be deceiving, as the menu features some delicious dishes at absurdly affordable prices.

Address: 2 Hai Ba Trung Street, Riverbank

Phone: 071 346 1981

Hours: lunch & dinner 

4. Sao Hom

Located in the (now upmarket) former market, Sao Hom has an atmospheric riverside setting. The menu includes Vietnamese, international and some fusion dishes, including crispy spring rolls for a change and some tandoori dishes. It is very popular at lunch and remains one of Can Tho’s most alluring spots

Address: 50 Hai Ba Trung Street

Phone: 071 381 5616

Hours: 8AM-midnight

5. Hop Pho Cafe

For discount designer dining, look no further than this stylish cafe-restaurant. Choose from indoor or outdoor, upstairs or downstairs – this place is huge, as is the drinks list. Standard Vietnamese fare at fair prices, affordable drinks and free wi-fi. Note that food service stops around 9pm.

Address: 6 Ngo Gia Tu Street

Phone: 071 381 5208

6. Nam Bo

When it comes to setting, this restaurant has it, housed in an elegantly restored shop house overlooking the river. The menu offers well-presented Vietnamese dishes as well as some affordable international offerings or you can just sit on the terrace and enjoy a glass of wine.

Address: 50 Hai Ba Trung Street


Phone: 071 382 3908

Hours: lunch & dinner

7. Thanh Thuy Christian

This goat-meat specialty restaurant serves traditional curried goat or if you’re feeling a bit lively, try the goat-scrotum hotpot. The restaurant is a few kilometers out of town. Look for the sign on your left, just beyond the junction with Ð Tran Hoang Na.

Address: 149 30/4 Street

Phone: 071 384 0207

Hours: 8AM-11PM 

8. Quan Com 16

This long-running place is a bit of a Can Tho institution with locals. It has relocated down the road, but thankfully the recipe remains the same: piles of freshly cooked fish, meat and vegetable dishes and fast service.

Address: 45 Vo Van Tan Street

Phone: 071 382 7326

Hours: breakfast, lunch & dinner

9. La Ca

This stylish barbecue restaurant is fun, unless you happen to be a suckling pig, the house specialty. Staff are on roller-skates to speed up service.

Address: 118/15A Tran Van Kheo Street

Phone: 071 376 2793

Hours: 8AM-10PM

10. Hoa Su

Located near the Victoria Hotel, this restaurant is very popular with well-to-do locals on an evening out.

Address: Cai Khe Ward

Phone 071 382 0717

Hours: breakfast, lunch & dinner

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