Visit Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Known as an ancient village in Hanoi, Bat Trang ceramic village is really attraction to tourists visiting Hanoi. Once visiting Bat Trang village, you will have an opportunity to admire and learn more about the products which are made of clay.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village is the seven – century old pottery village located in Gia Lam District. Over many years, Bat Trang has been known by many people, both domestic tourists and foreign tourists as this is the place where makes high quality products of ceramic and pottery. The products of Bat Trang Ceramic Village are divided into three main types: daily household use (bows, cups, bottles, plates, spoons, vases, teacups…), worshiping (candle holders, incense burners, alter boxes, swords), decorative objects (house models, altars, statues and architectural fixtures). These products are created by artists of the village with their enthusiasm and from their heart.


Nowadays, the ceramic and pottery products of Bat Trang village are decorated with various designs and motifs to make it diversified and unique. Products with high quality and beautiful and delicate technique are spread not only at home but also all over the world.



Especially, tourists come to visit the village will have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the process of making Bat Trang products and even experience in making products yourself in Bat Trang Porcelain & Pottery Market. Coming here, you will directly witness how a ceramic product is made and decorated by artists. Besides it, you can directly make a product of ceramic as a gift for your relatives and friends. It is really a significant and awesome experience.



Do not miss to visit Bat Trang Ceramic Village to explore the specialties of this village and buy some of them for your use and gifts.

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