Bac Kan

Bac Kan has a rich potential about tourism by the abundant natural resources and impressive culture of ethnic minorities groups in northeastern Vietnam. Moreover, tourists can visit Bac Kan at any time of the year because the scenery in every season carries own beauty. 

Bac Kan has a great potential for the tourism industry with the natural landscape and culture that is imbued with ethnic groups from the mountainous regions in the Northeastern Vietnam. People can visit some famous attractions as Ba Be with peaceful space, Na Ry cave, Pac Ngoi village,  ATK (a complex of underground tunnels, is one of the most well-known destinations among these sights). 

Bac Kan

Bac Kan is a province of Viet Nam, located in the Northeast region and known as the least populous one. The province borders Lang Son in the east, Tuyen Quang in the west, Thai Nguyen in the south and Cao Bang in the north. Due to being the mountainous province with its complicated terrain, the Bac Kan’s economy still hasn’t been really developed. However, the province has tourism developing potentiality on account of its mountainous terrain abundant in natural resources of minerals and forests. Besides, Bac Kan cultural background filled with specific characteristic of the Northeast highland.


Bac Kan covers an area of 4,859.4 square kilometers and had it had a population of 298,700 people. The province is divided into one town municipality Bac Kan and 7 rural districts, including Ba Be district, Bach Thong District, Cho Don District, Cho Moi District, Na Ri District, Ngan Son District, and Pac Nam District. The main ethnic groups in the province are Kinh, Tay, H’Mong, and Dao.

Bac Kan terrain consists of many high mountains, locates inland so the province meet with difficulties in the exchange of goods with large economic center and seaports as well. The transportation network in the province is mainly road. The geographical position and difficulties of the terrain have significant impacts on the socio-economic development of Bac Kan.

Bac Kan has the humid tropical climate divided according to the terrain and mountain's direction. With the tropical monsoon regime, Bac Kan has two distinct seasons: rainy season starts from May to October, accounting for 70 - 80% of the rainfall in year; dry season is from November to April of next year, the rainfall of this season accounts for 20 - 25% the total rainfall. The annual average temperature is 20 - 220C.

The river network in Bac Kan is relatively plentiful, but most of them is headwater tributaries with the common characteristics as short and unusual tidal regime. Bac Kan is the headwater of 5 large rivers in Northeast including Lo River, Gam River, Ky Cung River, Bang River and Cau River. In addition to river system, Bac Kan is famous for Ba Be Lake. In addition, many historical cultural relics, especially revolutionary relics in the French resistance and American resisitance as ATK Cho Don, Na Tu relic, Cam Giang, Phu Thong, Deo Giang are very favorable to the development of cultural tourism.

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