Hanoi Old Quarter: What keeps tourists coming?

Hanoi Old Quarter, is one of the most attractive destinations to explore and experience the traditional culture of the capital Hanoi, Vietnam. With more than 1,000 years of history, this neighborhood is not only a bustling business center but also a place that preserves many unique cultural and architectural heritages. So what makes Hanoi Old Quarter a must-see destination for tourists? Let's find out with VietNam Local Guide in the following article:

Hanoi Old Quarter

The specialness starts from the name

Hanoi Old Quarter, the name says it all. This is a tourist destination with a long history, but what makes it more special than all the other places is that Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the heart of Hanoi city - the capital of Vietnam. Male. This is a special feature that few countries in the world have.

Hanoi first became the capital of Dai Viet (the name of feudal Vietnam) called Thang Long, meaning that this is where dragons fly. Legend has it that the king of that time, Ly Cong Uan, while preparing to move the capital, saw a dragon flying up on this land. From there the name Thang Long was born. Dragon in Eastern culture is a powerful animal and represents the power of the royal family, so it also carries the meaning of wishing for the royal family to be long-lasting and the country to develop.

From that time until now it has been 1000 years. Through many upheavals of time and the devastation of war from the feudal period, to the French colonial period, the American destruction period, the subsidy period and finally the innovation period. Hanoi today seems to have put on a new outfit that is youthful, modern, and more dynamic. However, within that modernity, Hanoi Old Quarter still retains its original appearance from the anti-French period of the last century. Interspersed among the high-rise buildings are communal houses and pagodas from the feudal period that have remained until today.

Hanoi Old Quarter is also known for its many important cultural and historical heritages. Temples, pagodas and architectural works such as Ngoc Son Temple, Cathedral, Hoan Kiem Lake and Thang Long Imperial Citadel or One Pillar Pagoda carry special stories and cultural values. Visitors can visit and explore these relics to better understand the history and culture of Hanoi.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Ancient architecture, mixed from many cultures

Hanoi Old Quarter attracts international tourists with its small streets, ancient houses and architecture bearing the mark of time. Narrow streets with rows of green trees, houses with small shops, red tile roofs and classic wooden stairs create a romantic and interesting space. The blend of old towns and traditional architecture creates a beautiful and attractive picture.

All of these things were created thanks to the combination and blending of different cultures such as French, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Soviet architecture, creating the characteristics of Hanoi Old Quarter. You can see them most easily through small three-layer windows, balconies or even mossy and ancient roofs or walls. This is one of the special things that attracts international tourists that few places in the world have.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hides the typical culture of the capital's people

Hanoi Old Quarter also contains the typical culture of the capital's people. Those are remnants of the subsidy period. You will admire the dormitory houses with common restroom areas. Or the shops located deep in the alleys. These are simple, close features that contrast with the excitement and development of a developing country. Where in the midst of modern spaces, you can still find yourself a small peaceful place, where people live slowly to enjoy life, forgetting the stressful worries that work has brought. .

Hanoi Old Quarter is a gathering place for many cultural and artistic activities. Visitors can participate in traditional music performances, water puppetry, Xam singing and many other artistic activities. Annual cultural events such as the Dong Co Festival, Autumn Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival also attract a large number of tourists to participate and enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the old town.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Romance and mystery inside each small alley

Because of that, I don't know when, every small street corner of Hanoi Old Quarter has become more romantic than ever. You will love that close, simple beauty without realizing it. Walking through the streets, through small alleys, you will never know what is there, who lives there, or if that alley connects to another street?

Hanoi Old Quarter is the heart of Hanoi urban life. Here, visitors can find a unique combination of shopping, cuisine and culture. Famous streets and markets such as Dong Xuan, Hang Dao, Hang Gai or Hang Bac are bustling with hundreds of shops and stalls selling souvenirs, fashion goods, electronics and street specialties. Visitors can freely shop and explore Hanoi's unique products.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Unique and diverse street food

Hanoi Old Quarter is a culinary paradise with a variety of typical dishes of Northern Vietnam. Visitors can enjoy pho, bun cha, banh cuon, fried spring rolls and many other delicious street foods. Snail shops, beer bars and traditional coffee shops are also favorite places for tourists to enjoy and enjoy the unique space of Hanoi's old quarter.

Coming to Hanoi, you can easily enjoy the cuisine of many localities in the North and North Central region. This is where people from all over come to live and work, bringing with them the typical culture and cuisine of the place they were born. You can easily enjoy Hai Phong's breadsticks, crab cakes or spicy fish noodles. Or squid rolls, Quang Ninh pearl yogurt,... All will create a wonderful culinary experience when you set foot in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Hanoi Old Quarter


With the above highlights, it is not difficult to understand why Hanoi Old Quarter always attracts tourists. This old town offers the perfect combination of unique and diverse architecture blended from many cultures around the world, vibrant but slow local life, great cuisine, cultural heritage and history, along with a vibrant cultural space. Hanoi Old Quarter is a great destination to explore and experience Hanoi's unique lifestyle.

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