Hanoi attraction: Activities that attract tourists in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is an attractive destination with rich historical culture, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. Below are some activities in Hanoi attraction tourists when you visit here:

Hanoi attraction

Visit famous historical tourist attractions

Hanoi is one of the localities possessing a long cultural history with more than 1000 years of formation and development, destruction and renovation. Therefore, Hanoi attraction a large number of tourists coming to this city. You should visit the famous historical buildings remaining here.

Hanoi's historical works are divided into 3 main types: historical works of the feudal period, historical works of the French colonial period and historical works of the Doi Moi period.

The most typical historical works of the feudal period include the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Temple of Literature, Thang Long Tu Tran, O Quan Chuong,... When visiting these places, At this point, visitors will witness the remaining relics of a golden age of Vietnam in the past.

The historical works of the French colonial period that must be mentioned are the Hanoi Old Quarter area, Long Bien bridge, the opera house,... These are the remaining characteristics of the French colonial period, characteristics of They are a harmonious combination of French - Vietnamese architecture, also known as Indochina architecture.

Finally, there are historical works of the renovation period. These are historical works that symbolize Vietnam's relationship with other countries, mostly the Soviet Union. Typical examples include the Vietnam - Soviet friendship cultural palace, cultural and political works. of the city,....

Thanks to the diversity of tourist destinations, Hanoi attraction millions of tourists each year. If you plan to visit this beautiful city, don't miss the historical buildings.

Hanoi attraction

Hanoi activities attract tourists

Stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is the heart of Hanoi and a famous place to relax and enjoy green space. This is one of top locations Hanoi attraction tourists. You can walk around the lake, visit Ngoc Son Pagoda located on a small island in the middle of the lake, and hear the legendary story about the Kim Quy magic turtle whose sword was returned to him by King Le Loi after fighting to avoid the invading Ming army. Hanoians always consider Hoan Kiem Lake to be the center of the city, or more broadly, the heart of the whole country.

Around Hoan Kiem Lake are many historical buildings such as the Turtle Tower, the Pen Tower, or a little further away, the cathedral. You can walk around the lake, participate in local people's practice sessions in the early morning or evening, and feel the street music.

Enjoy street food

Hanoi attraction tourists also because of its rich cuisine and attractive street specialties. Known as one of the "Food Paradise", you can see restaurants everywhere. Or you can also go to the markets, try pho, bun cha, fried spring rolls, banh cuon and many other delicious dishes at restaurants and street stalls.

Not only the variety of dishes, the variety and special flavors of drinks in Hanoi are also things that you should try. From the famous egg coffee to sweet cups of sugarcane juice, you will definitely not be disappointed

Explore Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi's Old Quarter is a historical area with traditional architecture and small alleys. With the characteristic feature of the republic between French colonial architecture and classical Vietnamese architecture. Coming to Hanoi's Old Quarter, visitors will feel the lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Not only that, although this Hanoi Old Quarter is quite small, there are many special activities for Hanoi attraction tourists. Therefore, Hanoi's Old Quarter has soon become a place that is always of interest and direction to tourists.

Hanoi attraction

Shopping at Dong Xuan Market

When traveling to Hanoi, one of the experiences not to be missed is shopping at Dong Xuan Market. This is one of the oldest traditional markets in the Vietnamese capital, famous for the diversity and uniqueness of the products you can find here. Dong Xuan Market is Hanoi attraction tourists because it offers a wide range of products from fresh food, electronics, clothes, shoes, handicrafts, to traditional and modern products. . You can find everything from fashionable clothes to cheap electronics, and from traditional souvenirs to creations by local artisans.

Not only that, one of the strong points of Dong Xuan Market is reasonable prices. You can freely shop and negotiate to get items at good prices. However, remember that bargaining is an integral part of the shopping experience at this market.

Take a walk on Long Bien bridge

When coming to Hanoi, one of the activities not to be missed is walking on Long Bien Bridge. Built in the 19th century, this bridge is not only an important historical structure but also gives you a wonderful experience to explore and enjoy the unique scenery of the Vietnamese capital. This is also one of the top tourist Hanoi attraction. When visiting Long Bien Bridge, you can admire the panoramic view of the Red River, with its strong flowing water and the banks of green fields lined with trees. This is a beautiful and relaxing landscape, creating a peaceful space in the heart of a vibrant city. In addition, at some bridge points, you will also encounter a few food sellers. VietNam Local Guide recommends that before using any products and services on the bridge, ask the price first. If you are overcharged compared to the value of use, immediately contact the city's functional units.

Cycling around West Lake

When coming to Hanoi, one of the famous and interesting activities that you cannot miss is walking around West Lake. This is an activity that Hanoians often do every weekend or on holidays. However, because Hanoians know how to ride motorbikes, even though West Lake is quite large, there is nothing too difficult for them. But for tourists who come from other places and don't know how to use a motorbike, renting a bicycle is a pretty good alternative. West Lake has a fairly wide arc. If you are not a regular cyclist, choose a route that is suitable for you so you can rest easily. West Lake with beautiful natural scenery and relaxing space. This is an ideal destination in Hanoi attraction tourists to explore and enjoy the green space of the Vietnamese capital.

Hanoi attraction


Hanoi is a city with many interesting and diverse activities to explore which has soon become an Hanoi attraction destination. By participating in the above activities, you will have the opportunity to experience unique culture and learn deeply about the history and diverse lives of Hanoi people. Be prepared to explore and enjoy wonderful experiences during your trip to Hanoi.

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