Hanoi food: Unique dishes that you should try when coming to Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi food, or more broadly, dishes in Vietnam. Foreign tourists will immediately enjoy dishes like Pho, Banh Mi, Egg Coffee, etc. These dishes seem to have become trademarks and no matter where you go, someone will talk about them. However, for Vietnamese people and especially people of the capital, they also have many unique and delicious dishes that VietNam Local Guide will send to you right in this article.

Hanoi food

Breakfast dishes


Balut is a typical and popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine, especially this is a Hanoi food that is very easy to find. This dish is made from duck eggs that are not yet old enough to fully develop, causing the yolk and white to blend into a unique mixture. Balut has a greasy taste and unique flavor, and is a favorite dish of many people.

Balut eggs are often eaten with salt, Vietnamese coriander, and ginger. You can add a little vinegar if you want. Balut is one of the popular Hanoi food that helps enhance male potency, while laksa leaves help suppress them. The two ingredients seem to oppose each other, but when combined, they create wonderful flavors.

Hanoi food

Rib congee

Rib congee is a great Hanoi food for a morning. Made from rice and pork ribs, it creates a delicious and nutritious porridge dish. With a special delicious flavor, this is a dish chosen by many Hanoi people for breakfast. Rib porridge is often eaten with hot stir-fry and a little shrimp sprinkled on the surface. In addition, to fully enjoy a bowl of rib porridge, people often eat it with soy milk. However, rib porridge shops often make enough to sell in one session, so come early to avoid out of stock.

Hanoi food

Lunch dish

Vermicelli with tofu and shrimp paste

Bun dau mam tom is a popular Hanoi food. This dish consists of vermicelli (a type of thin rice noodle cake) combined with fried tofu and raw vegetables such as water spinach, fish mint, and bean sprouts. In particular, shrimp paste, a typical fish sauce, is used to dip vermicelli and tofu. This dish creates a unique combination of sour, salty, sweet and spicy. However, because shrimp paste has a slightly unpleasant smell for those who encounter it for the first time, you need to mentally prepare yourself in advance when you want to try this unique dish.

Hanoi food

Banh Cuon

In Hanoi, there are two types of banh cuon: hot banh cuon and Thanh Ha banh cuon. Both types are made from rice flour and other fillings. Considered a Hanoi food with a long tradition. Hot rolls are made from rice flour sliced ​​thinly on the hot surface to form a film, then rolled with a filling including chopped pork, fried onions and black fungus. In a serving of hot rolls, people often order eggs. At this time, the fillings are replaced with eggs inside the rolls, creating a rich, fatty flavor that makes the hot rolls even more wonderful. Hot rolls are often eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce and raw vegetables.

While Thanh Ha banh cuon is also a Hanoi food with a long tradition made from rice flour, however, people often sprinkle a little fried onion and black fungus and do not roll it up like hot rolls. Thanh Ha's banh cuon ingredients do not contain chopped meat but are often eaten with cinnamon rolls or sausages

Hanoi food

Pho rolls

Like my name. Pho rolls are made from traditional rice noodles, but instead of cutting it into small strips, people cut it into rectangular cakes, then put beef, vegetables, and raw vegetables inside the cakes. pho and roll them up. Finally, the pho rolls will be dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce before being put into your mouth. This is one of the unique Hanoi food that you should try when you arrive in this city.

Hanoi food

Dinner dish

Water spinach soup

Water spinach soup is a traditional Hanoi food used in daily meals of Vietnamese people. Water spinach is a native vegetable variety that is very easy to grow and find. Although it does not have as many nutrients as other vegetables, water spinach scores points in the eyes of consumers because of its low price, suitable for many types of vegetables. every family. That's why water spinach has long become a traditional dish in the dinner trays of many Vietnamese families nationwide. Not only that, in every province there are different variations of this spinach soup. In the North, most families will eat water spinach soup boiled with dracontomelon or cooked with spices. However, this dish can also be replaced with lemon if you don't have dracontomelon. In Southern Vietnam, water spinach soup is also prepared with pineapple, cilantro, tomatoes and tamarind. Even so, no matter what the variation, water spinach soup is still a rustic soup that is easy to eat and extremely cheap to make. If you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi once, you should definitely try this unique soup once.

Hanoi food

Sweet and sour ribs

Sweet and sour stir-fried ribs are a popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine, combining sourness, sweetness and a characteristic aroma. This dish is usually made from pork ribs, with the use of special spices and sauces to create a unique flavor. This dish is often enjoyed with hot white rice, creating a complete and delicious meal. The sweet and sour taste of the sauce combined with the tenderness and delicious rib meat creates a unique culinary experience.

Hanoi food

Shrimp sauce

Shrimp paste is a fermented food whose main ingredient is shrimp. This is a traditional dish of the people of the Northern provinces. Shrimp paste is often simmered with meat and some other spices, so it has a quite fragrant flavor and is not as unpleasant as shrimp paste. People can easily get confused between these two types of fish sauce. In fact, shrimp paste is a side dish with rice, while shrimp paste is a dipping sauce or seasoning. Shrimp paste is a traditional Hanoi food that you should not miss when coming to this beautiful city.

Hanoi food


Above are the unique Hanoi food that VietNam Local Guide wants to send to you. If you plan to set foot in Vietnam, in addition to the iconic dishes such as pho, banh mi, egg coffee, etc., consider trying the unique Hanoi food in the article. In addition, Hanoi is a culinary paradise and still has many other unique dishes that cannot be covered within the scope of this article.

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