Pac Ngoi Village

Visiting Pac Ngoi village, you not only enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Ba Be lake, forest and mountains but also explore the culture of Tay people. Pac Ngoi village is the first choice for tousits when coming to Ba Be lake

Pac Ngoi village has more than 40 folds traditional stilt houses nestled on the mountainside, but was present at the Ba Be Lake so as to respect the beauty of the eco-tourism attractions here.

Strangely, while many other provinces in the traditional sticky floor gradually replaced by permanent houses built, modern Pac Ngoi village is here that the house still looks flooring brings inherent source from the past. According to the local government, said local people do not build modern homes not because they do not have money but because they want to preserve and conserve cultural capital of the Tay. 

Here, visitors not only to admire the beautiful sticky floor, between the fog hung idyllic waterfront darkened the sky deep blue lakes that still live in the cultural capital of the Tay unique native. This represents the first guests upstairs had left the footwear. At the house, the fire is flickering images of indigenous people are sitting around the same time the story of the political, economic …

The things that have contributed to community cohesion generations from this village. If interested visitors can sit by the fire with her baby pink to hear the story about the woman in the boat hull, with one hidden in the rocky pond Korea … and if customers are gourmet dishes Food will also have the opportunity to collect their own flavor of the dish is unique in Pac Ngoi village as grilled lamb served with rice, grilled, broiled fish, shrimp and sour …

If customers have demand for culture – art can also question the owner and the team will be at a local art always ready to perform the key song repertoire, smooth elastic will definitely loving make visitors nostalgic footsteps, also heard that someone “does not want to.”

Here, people live visitors can admire the exhibits clearly expressed daily life of ethnic Tay indigenous such as fishing, mesh, rattan, fabric indigo, ethnic instruments that in which the shock is indispensable music or guitar used to calculate capital fascinated visitors from afar.

People here are very friendly capital, they are always ready for guests staying overnight and cook local dishes for guests to set favorable prices. For customers western farmers collect 80 thousand / night, guests took only 50 thousand Vietnamese dong / night. With the price of such software for a home stay service is definitely no. Meanwhile, tourists can enjoy the open space, the people feel warm and more importantly are equipped with knowledge about the rich culture which is very rich here.


“Reception” tourists with special cultural capital of our people are being targeted and trends in the development of tourism in Pac Ngoi. This has contributed to attract tourists to particular Pac Ngoi village and Ba Be Lake in general during that time.

Especially for foreigners, they would love to learn about cultures at each location they travel, so when it comes to Pac Ngoi they often come and stay in the house on stilts. Traditionally, listening to tunes and then the sense of unique identity which Tay …

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