Ha Noi: The most romantic city in Vietnam

Referring to the most romantic cities. Surely many people often think of Venice in Italy or Paris in France. However, in Southeast Asia there is also an extremely romantic city that has captivated the hearts of countless tourists, which is Ha Noi. In this article VietNam Local Guide will introduce to you the unique features of Ha Noi - The most romantic city in Vietnam.

Ha Noi

Overview of Ha Noi

Ha Noi - the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is known as an ancient city devastated by war in the past. Ha Noi today has a desire to become one of the most developed cities in the region. This is where cultural and historical values ​​are still preserved, interwoven with the modernity of large projects. Ha Noi attracts millions of tourists every year because of its beauty mixed with many cultures. But not everyone knows that. Ha Noi is also one of the most romantic countries in the world.

Beautiful at any time of the year

Ha Noi is a wonderful city that can be beautiful at any time of the year. Spring, when all the flowers bloom, is also the time when Ha Noi is dressed in a brilliant outfit. This is the time when Tet has just taken place, and it is also the time when Vietnamese people often organize many cultural activities and festivals to celebrate spring. At this time, you will see flowers from everywhere coming here when large flower markets are opened. Peach blossom branches bloom pink across the sky, or yellow apricot trees spread their bright yellow sunlight and even white apricot trees have tiny flowers like snowflakes. This is a time of great weather, the coolness of the winter cold has not yet melted away and the harsh heat of summer has not yet arrived.

In Ha Noi in the summer, the weather will be really harsh at noon, but it is that harshness that makes this city different. Have you ever gone around West Lake with someone to enjoy the cool air after a long, hot day? Or Enjoy ice cream with your loved one while walking around Hanoi's Old Quarter? Or gather with friends to drink beer? Although Ha Noiis very hot in the summer, that's why it makes the nighttime very beautiful. This is also the time when the poinciana trees bloom bright red, or the magnolia trees bloom, and the canary tree casts a bright yellow shadow on the whole street corner.

However, Ha Noi becomes most beautiful and romantic on autumn days. At this time, the weather was somewhat milder than before. You can go with your loved one to visit all the places in Ha Noi, admire the ancient roofs and buildings with rich historical value. At this time, in some streets, you will smell the passionate scent of milk flowers filling every space. Flower stalls of all colors, or street stalls selling fresh nuggets. It is a space of fallen yellow leaves filling the entire road. Fall in Ha Noi is also the season of big festivals like National Day on September 2, where everyone, young and old, gathers at the Presidential Mausoleum. Coming to Ha Noiin the fall, you will never feel disappointed.

When winter comes, Ha Noi brings with it nostalgic features. When the Northeast winds blow cold on the hands, people need to find more warmth for themselves. Winter in Ha Noi is welcomed by rows of chrysanthemums, and when the last leaves fall. Each of its street corners becomes smaller than ever, blending with the hazy afternoon mist, where the temple bells ring out clearly. That's when Ha Noi is so beautiful in winter

Ha Noi

Is the most romantic place

Why has Ha Noi become the most romantic city? Perhaps from the ancient historical elements throughout the city, or because Ha Noi has its own unique flower seasons in every season, or because of the culture, the way Hanoians make you feel excited and more in love with the city. this street.

Every season is different, regardless of spring - summer - autumn - winter, Ha Noi has its own characteristics. Ha Noi is beautiful and romantic because of the smallest, simplest things. When couples can hold hands and walk through the streets, take a few photos with local people, and feel the private space that Ha Noi has. If possible travel with the person you love the most. Don't hesitate to take that person around West Lake every evening, buy a few bouquets of flowers from street vendors, and enjoy local specialties through street food.

Ha Noi

Unique architectural features hide history

Ha Noi, a locality bearing the mark of time. With a history of more than 1,000 years of formation and development, Ha Noi has been destroyed by enemies many times. However, after all, Hanoi still stands firm and develops to become the most modern city in the region.

Coming to Ha Noi, you can easily see Chinese architectural features in a few ancient houses, remixed to suit Vietnamese people. In addition, there are many works with French or French-Vietnamese architecture left over from the Colonial period. Even administrative agencies are influenced by Soviet architecture.

Although they carry many architectural features from everywhere, if you pay close attention, they always carry their own architectural features that only Vietnamese people have. It is these things that make Ha Noi a wonderful place, not identified with any other country.

Ha Noi

Ha Noi in poetry

Because of the unique features of its own culture, architecture, and history. Ha Noi has become an eternal subject for artists who want to express their emotional concerns. Many songs about Ha Noi were born, such as the song "Autumn Ha Noi" by musician Vu Thanh:

“Do you hear it deep down?

Where my heart is red

Ha Noi in autumn makes my heart flutter

It's like listening to the wind blowing

Echoing in Ba Dinh

His words were collected that year

The colors of that year's autumn flag

Still here, blue sky and clouds



Or the verses of poet Tran Duong Tu:

“I love you like I love autumn in Ha Noi

Is there any autumn that is not beautiful?

I love you like I love a small river

Like our love, it will never be divided."

This is just a small part of many works written about Ha Noi, expressing the love of couples and love for Ha Noi.

Ha Noi

City of peace

Ha Noi is also known as the City for Peace honored by UNESCO in 1999. This is one of the safest cities in the world. A place where politicians can freely roam around or enjoy street food like normal people without encountering any safety issues. This is the only place where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can comfortably open the window of his security car to wave to people, or where the German prime minister can walk on Hoan Kiem Lake on the day of the walking street.

Vietnam is one of the safest countries and Ha Noi is the center of peace. is a place to connect and bridge the rifts of other countries.

Ha Noi


Ha Noi is a great place for tourists to visit. This is a wonderful city with a long and diverse culture. Hidden within it are unique architectural features and rich cuisine. Ha Noi deserves to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Through this article, VietNam Local Guide hopes you will have ideas for the next place to travel with your loved one. Don't hesitate, book your tickets today to come to Vietnam - the wonderful land of Southeast Asia.

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