How to choose a sutaible hotel for you in Nha Trang?

There are hundreds of hotels in Nha Trang with many kinds of quality and size from one star to five stars, from cheap hotel to luxury resorts for you to choose. Nha Trang doesn’t have a  shortage of comfortable hotels, with many suitable rooms for guest's money.

The tourism service is abundant built with the different scale. The hotels in Nha Trang is divided into 4 areas of resorts with the different price. 

The luxury Hotels

Tourists can easily find out the 4 -5 stars hotels along the Tran Phu Street, which are located in the center of city, near the beach and have airy and beautiful view. All the great hotels concentrates in this place. Around these hotels there are restaurants, bar, coffee shop, cinema. The price is about 800,000VND. Tourists can walk on the beach and be convenient to join the playground and entertainment in the center.

The hotels for the foreign tourists

The hotels for the foreign tourists are located on the Hung Vuong Street, the villas street with all kinds of rooms. The prices are about 300,000 – 500,000VND. This area has many restaurants, clothing shop, bar, book shop, massage center, hiring bicycle and motorbike store,…which serve for 24 hours.

The popular hotels


All the rooms in Nha Trang usually cost at least 200,000VND. Because of the reasonable price, the location is rather not convenient. Nguyen Chanh, Ngo Gia Tu, Yersin and Hoang Hoa Tham street are the place that concentrate the popular hotels . If tourists have the average income and want to stay for long time  then choose these hotels. This area includes many restaurants with the popular price and the seafood. 

The cheap hotels 

To find these cheap hotels, tourists should go through the Tran Phu Bridge, which is away from the center about 3-4km, near the Chong Island and Ba Ponagar Tower, the famous travel sites of Nha Trang. These hotels are suitable for student and backpacking travelers with the prices about 120,000 – 200,000VND. However, all the rooms are still clean and fully furnished. Moreover, tourists can easily find the street restaurant with the cheap and delicious cuisines. 

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