Goi ca trich (Herring salad)

Vung Tau is famous for Mai fish salad, Danang is famous for Nam O fish salad and Phu Quoc is famous for herring salad. It is a harmonious combination of the sour, spicy, salty and sweet in this dish. 

Herring salad served as folk dish of fishermen, after the island tourism development, it has become a specialty when it comes to Phu Quoc. Whether the destination is selected park or beach Sao Khem or any restaurant, guests are able to enjoy the full taste of herring combined with special sauce.


Herring salad – Phu Quoc specialty – not fishy, ​​abdominal pain is not easy as we imagine the dishes “live narrowly”. The circular notes fatty herring, freshly cleaned are now, only the most delicious snake meat chops selected section provides customer service.

Herring salad become a specialty dish when it comes to Phu Quoc.

Accompanied by coconut grated, sliced onion, red onion, peppers julienne. The components are brought together beautifully presented sauce made from vinegar fed ripe guava bars on the island are sour and mild flavor.


Fresh herring salad by seafood, green vegetables cool, fresh coconut fatty flavor, sweet spicy sour point bold.

Herring salad was dotted with sauce made from vinegar fed ripe guava fruit on the island.

Guests itself so then grab pieces and mix with rice paper spring rolls, extra vegetables, herbs and slowly soaked spots chamgom peppers, garlic, sugar, lemon, roasted peanut puree mixed with Phu Quoc fish sauce. Fresh seafood herring salad, garden vegetables, fresh coconut fatty flavor, sweet spicy sour point bold.


Herring salad for lunch or dinner the dishes are by no guest cocoon. But if the evening at certain beaches, after going motor water, swimming or playing football or simply walking around the long sandy beach, the herring salad are too great choice.

Herring salad as a great catalyst to do more perfect moments of joy by the sea gives all visitors, irrespective of age or gender.

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